Spirit of the Road (Rock)

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“Spirit of the Road” is summer indie pop royalty free music by Mokka Music featuring electric guitar, claps, drums, vocal.

Styles: joy, 50s, fifties, upbeat, bouncy, driving, groovy, happy copyright free music, joyful no copyright music, lively, optimistic royalty free music, playful copyright free music, solo, indie pop no copyright free music, catchy copyright free music, jolly, fast, surf copyright free music, surfing, dude, rocker, honky tonk, bar, america, bright, infectious, band, infraction, copyright free, no copyright, inaudio, country rock no copyright music, soft rock no copyright music, american no copyright music, guitar, happy, happy music, inspirational, inspiring, joyful, motivation, optimistic, pop, positive, summer, upbeat, uplifting, Mokka Music- Spirit of the Road, surf rock royalty free music

TEMPO: 170