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An energetic, positive and optimistic royalty free tropical pop background music track by MOKKA with happy, optimistic mood. Featuring tropical drums, deep house bass and stabs, piano chords, synth pads, tropical plucks and flutes, marimba, vocals, Caribbean percussion and sfx’s.

Styles: tropical house royalty free music, tropical royalty free music, positive royalty free music, sunny no copyright music, upbeat royalty free music, tropical pop royalty free music, modern, ocean, optimistic, party, pop, positive, relax, sea, summer, sun, sunny, travel, tropical, tropical house, upbeat, uplifting, vacation, infraction,, no copyright music, chill, dance, happy, hawaii, holiday, hotel, island, jamaica, jungle, loop, modern, MOKKA- Sax is Life, infraction no copyright music

TEMPO: 103