Road Blues (Classical Rock)

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“Road Blues” is American, western, driving royalty free blues rock track by Independence. It’s perfect for cinematic, travel, fitness, gym, crossfit, summer, advertising, racing, motivational videos and podcasts.

Styles: acoustic, american folk, bright, camping, celebratory, county fair, energetic, fair, fast, folk, folky, fun, hick, country, hokey, lively, nature, outdoors, playful, redneck, road trip, rural, south, southern, stomping, travel, wholesome, inaudio,org, infraction, no copyright music, copyright free music, infraction youtube, emotion, depth, folkloric, journey, adventurous, new, builds, building, discovery, movement, beauty, county rock no copyright music, country copyright free music, dark country copyright free music, american rock copyright free music, detective, documentary, stylish, powerful, road, rock, rodeo, southern, strong, texas, military, Independence Tunes - Road Blues, tv show no copyright music, podcast copyright free music, blues rock, blues, detective, blues, 70h, 80th, 60th, classical rock, blues rock, vintage, retro

TEMPO: 145