Retribution (Thriller)

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Dark,  suspenseful and tense royalty free theme by Cold Cinema, featuring classical sunth and exciting, powerful, deep synths, great for movie trailers, teasers, openers, video games, announcements or adverts.

Styles:  battle, horror synth, cinematic, destruction, disaster, documentary, dramtic, epic, film, game, heroic, hollywood, hybrid, impact, inspiration, intro, military, movement, movie, percussion, powerful, soundtrack, strings, trailer, war, infraction, no copyright, copyright free, inaudio, action, agressive, background, battle royalty free music, catchy, cinematic, cool, drive, drums, energetic, energy, epic, film, game, hard, movie, orchestra, orchestral, powerful, punch royalty free music, soundtrack, strings, strong, trailer, war royalty free music, Cold Cinema- Retribution, horror, thriller royalty free music, thriller synthwave royalty free music, suspense copyright free music, halloween royalty free music