More Sense (Dark Pop)

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“More Sense” is a electronic, dark pop rock royalty free music by mini mielk. Perfect for advertising videos, presentations, technology videos and video games.

Styles: ad, commercial, documentary, party,  show music, spoof, throwback, time capsule, trailer, tv music, underscore, video, drive, dynamic, eighties, electro, electronica, fighting, fury, future, futuristic, game, goal, kung, miami, player, sports, synth,, advertising, background, bright, business, commercial, corporate, pop, take on me beat, freedoom, electronic pop, mini mielk- Take More Sense, podcast royalty free music, podcast no copyright music, city no copyright music, pop electronic, dark pop no copyright music, gaming, dark, vocal dark pop no copyright music, copyright free music, rnb, lyrics, dark rock, guitar, sad, tragic, vocal

TEMPO: 130