Inaudio team: Ivan Malkov (Infraction)

Ivan MalkovIvan Malkov (Infraction) is the founder of Born in Russia. Currently lives in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

He began practicing music when he was still in school. His first musical instrument was a guitar.

At the age of 16, Ivan started recording his first electronic music.

In a 10-year career Infraction’s music has been licensed by tens of thousands of companies. For example Microsoft, Qatar Airways, FOX, CBS, Yandex, British Airways.

His music has been used by thousands of bloggers on YouTube.

Infraction writes music in different genres, so you can find his tracks in lo-fi, cinematic, electronic, dance, midtempo, etc.

  • Music creation software: Studio One.
  • Favorite plugins: Serum, Fab-Filter, Kontakt.
  • Favorite music: Skrillex, Placebo, Lorde.

About InAudio

InAudio is a catalog of high-quality, no copyright music from independent artists. Our tracks are used by major companies, filmmakers, famous bloggers, and video content makers who only start their careers.
We guarantee that our music is not in any Content ID system, which means that you can monetize your content on any platform.

Our Music

We are filling our catalog with tracks that follow modern trends. Our main goal is to provide a wide variety of high-quality music. We built our website to make the process of purchase and use of it as easy and comfortable as possible for you.

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