12 types of content that will be actively shared on social networks

The attention of users is becoming increasingly difficult to engage. After all, everyone uses at least 2-3 social networks and constantly goes from one to another. Surprising them with something is becoming more and more difficult. To keep subscribers’ attention and attract new ones, you need to constantly experiment with different types of content, changing formats and tactics. We have gathered 12 types of content that will attract users’ attention and encourage them to share it.

1. Useful articles

The most popular search queries are practical tips on “how to make”, “how to choose” and others. Giving your clients useful information and answering their queries you can get an opportunity to unobtrusively sell your services or goods to them.

2. Video lessons

Most of all, users like light and entertaining content such as films, music. But practical videos that show how to do something are also valuable.

Video Content Ideas:

  • Product or service overview shows in action how to use your product, how the service is delivered in your company.
  • Slideshow is a step-by-step guide to action
  • Annotated screencasts.
  • Video lessons with animation

 Don’t forget to use copyright free music for your videos.

3. Checklists of visualization

People like to check what they’re doing to make sure that it’s right. If it’s backed up by good visuals, they’ll want to share them with their friends. This will make it easier to understand your content and make it even more accessible and viral.

4. Product comparison

Choosing a product is becoming more and more difficult for users every year because they have much more choices. And that means that they study more and more sites, read and look at the information before making a decision. You need to help them to compare and review products beforehand, explain why your solution is more convenient, more profitable, and better. And the most important thing is that it will help to solve the customer’s problem.

5. Video reviews and video testimonials

Consumers are curious. Now they scrutinize each product before buying it. That’s why product videos and detailed reviews as well come in handy. They will show your product as the best one and help the customer to make a decision.

6. Lists of “top 10 solutions”, “best of…”

So, the lists are still relevant, and don’t believe those who say that they aren’t so and everyone is tired of them. It’s all about the quality of the list and how relevant it is to the interests of your target audience. This is easy and interesting content, one of the most popular on the web. Agree,  users are not always looking for something too serious. Sometimes you want to read something light, too.

How to write a strong list:

  • Understand the problem that you are solving.
  • Define the purpose of your content.
  • Make sure your content can be read quickly

And importantly, don’t use clickbait headlines because now this is not relevant. We wrote more about that here.

7. Seasonal content

Be on-trend and produce seasonally relevant content. Agree that it’s strange to promote winter sports in summer and write about how to spend the New Year. You can write about seasonal products and services and of course, you can find out what’s popular by searching for it.

8. Identify the problem for the client. What if they haven’t known a problem yet?

Are you sure that all customers know that your product can solve their problem and that they even have one? They may live quietly and not know that they need to do something about it. Explain to them the value of your product and how to use it. Explain the problem from different angles, show its functions, and different usage scenarios.

9. Useful downloadable materials

Give customers a small brochure, checklist, or book of your information. They will not only read it themselves, but they are more likely to share it with friends. This will help to expand your audience and attract new customers. It’s a cool lead magnet.

10. Collaboration with brands, bloggers, and experts

Invite experts and create content with them. Conduct interviews, webinars, collect their useful tips, life stories and, look for ideas, there are plenty of them. Involve related brands to create content, as well as, bloggers. The most important thing here is to think through the issues that will be interesting to the audience.

11. Quote cards

Do you have a quote and are you sure that it will resonate with your audience? Have you read something that you found powerful, funny, interesting? Share with it.

12. Curated content

You don’t have to create everything from scratch. You can curate existing content, update and supplement it, share it in all available channels.


Even in a selling community, engaging content is essential. To swing the audience and increase engagement, it is worth using engaging mechanics of different complexity. The colder the audience is, the mechanics become simpler. The complexity needs to be built up gradually: start with simple interactions then gradually include mechanized and multi-pass activations.

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