No Copyright music

for your next perfect video

Royalty Free and YouTube safe tracks for your vlogs, clips, and commercials.

InAudio is a library of unique royalty-free background music.

No more searching for copyright-free music and then choosing from thousands of template tracks and risking your reputation in the process.

Download copyright free music for Youtube in mp3 format for free. You can use them for video editing, music and song creation, ringtone, presentation design, game or app development.

Loops and short versions (15, 30, 60 seconds). Any videomaker, one way or another, customizes tracks to fit his video, he might want to make a track longer or shorter, or maybe he wants to make a short audiologotype from a ready-made track. With loops and short versions this problem either solves itself, or is already solved if you’re making a video for advertising (15, 30, 60 seconds)

Subscriptions and licenses. InAudio is the site with the best offer copyright free music at the moment, in other words, you can choose the most convenient way to pay for you and not be content with what the platform offers you because it is available not only for one year subscription, but also for one month for only $7.

High quality music. Again, InAudio library really contains only high quality tracks, you don’t have to waste your time in choosing the best from the worst, here you can use any track, which suits your mood and tempo.

The authors are convinced that good music makes the video better, and bad music kills it. With this site you can make a video you’ll be really proud of.

At you will find music of any genre and for any mood: from a funny children’s tune and warm indie rock to ultramodern EDM and epic music for a powerful cinematic trailer.

You can easily sync any song to the video thanks to the loops and short versions that come with each track on the site (you get the full set when you buy a paid license or use a subscription).